Bru Cappuccino 'puzzles' youth at cafés and gameplexes

By Surina Sayal , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising
Published : May 06, 2011
To engage with the youth, the company is conducting a brain-teaser activity that consists of a Bru branded cube, a puzzle book, and pens that allow patrons to pick these up and interact with them.

Bru Cappuccino, HUL's coffee brand, has rolled out an interesting activity at cafés, and restaurants to target its consumer -- the youth.

The activity consists of a Bru-branded cube being placed on tables. This cube is filled with real coffee beans, a 300-page puzzle book and pens, and allows patrons to pick these up and interact with them.

The activity includes a mix of 50 youth-oriented cafes (Bagel's Café, Flavours N More), restaurants, and Zapak gameplexes, across five cities, namely, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad.

The activity has been conceptualised and executed by Gotcha! Impact Media, the company that deals in Cards4U, the free branded postcards at cafes and restaurants.

Why this 'puzzling' idea? Bru Cappuccino being a youth brand, wanted to engage its target group in a very interactive way at a time when they are relaxing and just plain chilling out with their friends at their favourite hangouts.

Close to 2,500 branded cubes, 10,000 booklets, 10,000 pens and 375 kg of coffee beans have been used in this ongoing activity that ends this month.

The cube present on the table stands out, as it is different from the regular tent card and tablemats that customers are accustomed to seeing. The cube is made of transparent acrylic, and on one side the branding is dye cut, allowing the audience to instantly see the coffee beans, which raises curiosity. Interestingly, no sampling of Bru Cappuccino is being done here.

Discussing the activity, Bhrighu Rai, general manager, brand alliance and sales, Gotcha! Impact Media, says, "It needed to have multiple elements to bring alive an experience with coffee. Hence, we thought of the smartly branded cubes, the 300-page puzzle booklets along with a pen, and actual coffee beans itself at the core, to make the connect. These elements all add up to the experience, in a fun, engaging and relaxed manner to be enjoyed with friends over a cup of coffee."

Rai further adds, "Throwing the beans at one another has emerged as another fun thing our target group likes to engage in. After that, they invariably pick up the beans, look at the book, solve puzzles and the engagement is achieved."

Through this activity, Bru is reaching out to the urban, educated, affluent youth, with focus on the younger-end of its target spectrum.

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