BCCC reduces the running of scroll to two days for STAR Vijay

By Raushni Bhagia , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Publishing
Published : September 12, 2013
After withdrawing the earlier order (to run the apology scroll for seven days) in response to actor Ranjitha Menon's complaint, the council issued the revised order on September, 10.

The Broadcast Content Complaints Council (BCCC) has released a revised order for STAR Vijay after withdrawing the previous one (issued on September, 2). The order referred to the complaint filed by actor Ranjitha Menon accusing the channel of morphing her pictures.

STAR Vijay

On September 4, afaqs! reported about BCCC's order for STAR Vijay. As per the order, the channel was found guilty and accepted that it had morphed the pictures of Menon with Swami Nithyanand. Following this, the council had asked the channel to run an apology scroll for seven days, starting September, 9.

The channel had sent a submission to the council with respect to the programme, 'Nadanthathu Enna Kuttramum Pinnaniyum', aired on STAR Vijay on March 21, 2012 (which was picked for the above violation). The channel pointed out certain errors in the order, also stating that the morphing of the tape/videos is for the court to decide.

Agreeing to this, the council withdrew the order on September, 6. The revised order was issued on September 10, according to which BCCC has reduced the days to run the apology scroll to two days. Now, the channel will have to run an apology scroll every three hours starting September 14, noon to September 16, 9 am.

The council suggested that the change has been made since this apology, unlike in any other normal content violation, is not being made to the viewers but to an individual.

Also, the channel has nowhere agreed that any of the content telecast by the said programme was morphed.

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