Most-viewed YouTube ads in India in 2014

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Published : January 16, 2015
Google India has come up with a list of last year's top YouTube ads in India.

YouTube gave brands and creative agencies the freedom to communicate a story for a brand instead of just a 30-second ad. In 2014, brands across the vertical used the Google-owned streaming platform to connect with the consumers.

Google India has come up with a list of top YouTube ads in India as per the YouTube Ads Leaderboard, which ranks the "most engaging" commercial content that people have been watching on the platform.

Some clever brand campaigns like Nestle's film (#ItAllStarts) for Nescafe and Durex's #DoTheRex featuring Ranveer Singh grabbed eyeballs. The 2014 FIFA World Cup games mesmerised fans in India too and Nike got a global thumbs up with "The Last Game," featuring Ronaldo, Neymar Jr.

The year 2014 was dominated by smartphone launches with buyers eagerly anticipating new phones from every large player. Meet Moto E, and OPPO Mobile N1 were big gainers on YouTube. The ranking algorithm includes various factors, but the view-count numbers are eye-popping.

Top 10 ads on YouTube 2014 in India (by views):

Nescafe Stutter Ad - This small film focuses upon the story of a stammering standup comedian who struggles to gain acceptance from the world. Throughout his journey there is one silent companion who stays by him right from the start and that is Nescafe. The ad connected well with the audiences on YouTube making it a hit on the platform.

Durex's Do The Rex - Reckitt Benckiser's Durex released a peppy rap video featuring Bollywood A-lister Ranveer Singh who gives us a replicable signature dance move called 'The Rex' which is a physical expression of the joy and ecstasy one experiences after having a wonderful sexual experience. Evidently targeted at the country's youth, the two-minute-five-second long video was an attempt by the brand to connect well with the youth of the country.

Conquer the extraterrestrial (Hyundai) - This ad by Hyundai portrays Santa Fe as an extremely powerful car highlighting the features of the car. The ad has an element of light humour and has been liked immensely by the audiences.

Nike Football Winner Stays.ft. Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Ibrahimović, Iniesta and more.

The short film by Nike features football's biggies and showcases that football will always belong to those who risk everything when it matters the most.

Cadbury Bournville: Rediscover an old Favourite - A completely product-driven campaign talks about the new Cadbury Bournville describing how soft, deep, intense and dark the new chocolate from Cadbury is.

The two-minute shower song - Hindustan Unilever executed a unique campaign with the children of Sunlight Living Challenge to spread the message of water conservation via a song. 'Paani bachayega toh doosra nahayega' catch line found many takers online making it a big hit among consumers.

Meet Moto E - The ad by Motorola highlighted the features of its new product Moto E in a distinctive manner.

OPPO Mobile N1 campaign - Oppo, a global major in handsets, launched its flagship model in India unveiling a full-fledged multimedia campaign for the brand. The digital campaign featured Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor as long lost friends who discover each other accidentally stumbling upon a childhood picture on their smartphones. The campaign connected well with the young netizens.

British Airways India's Go further to get closer - The airline released an emotional campaign of giving a couple - on Valentine's Day - an opportunity to get away from daily humdrum and let love shine. A heart-warming online interactive campaign, 'Go Further to Get Closer' narrates the story of Sumeet Gupta and how British Airways helped him surprise his wife Chetna by giving them an opportunity to escape from daily intrusions and get closer to each other.

Mahindra New Generation Scorpio - The campaign by Mahindra talked about the New Mahindra Scorpio reflecting the elegance and style of the car. It featured the new model of the car trying to pull out a horse stuck in a marshland to highlight the power of its engine. The car is shown battling through rough terrain with ease and panache.

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