Huffington Post's digital video series 'Talk To Me' encourages sons and daughters around the world to interview their parents

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Published : April 15, 2016
You read this story and regret: "Oh s***! Why didn't I think about this idea myself?"

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The Huffington Post, an American online news aggregator and blog, has launched a new parent-child digital video interview series 'Talk To Me' that aims to examine the close and often complex relationships between parents and their kids, and encourages sons and daughters around the world to make time to interview their parents.

As part of the series, Huff Post has uploaded a video on its Facebook page where Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, advises her daughter Christina to stop worrying about everything. "When I look back so much that went wrong ended up opening the door for things that went right," she says.

In the video, Huffington also talks about her divorce and how her daughter Christina tried to bring her parents together for a dinner hoping it might help make amends; about the moment when her mother died and how it made her ( feel that death can never be the end for she felt her mother's presence even after she was long gone.

Emphasising the importance of books in her life, Huffington tells her daughter, "You are never going to be bored if you have a book with you." Talking about the pain and hardships in life, she says, "Going through pain and hard times is the way we grow. It's almost like our school is in session. That's the time to learn."

In just 10 days, this video conversation between a famous mother and her daughter has already recorded more than two million views, since it was uploaded on Facebook on April 4.

Under the 'Talk To Me' series, Huff Post has also uploaded three other videos on its Facebook page, which are conversations between Oprah and her 'daughters', Richard and Sam Branson, and Travis and Donald Kalanick. These videos have received over four million, over two million, and over one lakh views, respectively.

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Under the same series, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki talks with her mother Esther Wojcicki in a video conversation where Esther, a journalist and teacher with more than 50 years of teaching experience, explains how she raised three successful daughters -- two of whom are CEOs of tech companies, and another who is an epidemiologist -- with a sense of independence.

Not surprisingly this video has appeared not on Facebook, but and you guessed it right, on YouTube. Surprisingly though, this video, even after a week of its getting uploaded, has yet to cross even 7,000 views. You wonder if it's because a YouTube video, as compared to a Facebook video, takes its own sweet time before it actually reaches the masses!

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