"What will you keep inside your Goldilocks?" asks Godrej

By Suraj Ramnath , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising
Published : July 15, 2016
Godrej Security Solutions has released a three-film campaign to promote its new product, a personal locker called Goldilocks.

What do people use a locker/safe for? To secure valuables like money, gold and important documents, isn't it? But, Godrej Security Solutions, in its new three-film television campaign for its personal locker brand Goldilocks, offers you various options to use a safe.

The campaign, conceptualised by JWT Mumbai, uses humour to encourage the adoption of home security solutions by offering innovative reasons for using the safe. It could be a son trying to ace some cash from his father while the latter hides it, or a brother who tries hard to keep his car keys away from his sister, or the lady who safeguards her true age from everyone by keeping her passport in the Goldilocks safe.

Mehernosh Pithawalla

Steve Mathias and Priya Pardiwalla

Commenting on the campaign, Mehernosh Pithawalla, head-marketing, sales and innovation, Godrej Security Solutions, says in a press release, "At Godrej Security Solutions, we have always adopted a customer-driven approach to innovation and product development. We have always resisted from adopting fear-psychosis as the core of promoting home security products. Humour has therefore been used as a tool to discuss security."

Commenting on the idea behind the campaign, Steve Mathias and Priya Pardiwalla, vice-presidents and executive creative directors, JWT Mumbai, say in a press release, "The idea is really simple. Why does anyone have a personal locker? So that you can put anything that you feel is valuable inside it. It's a personal choice. Different things are valuable to different people for different reasons. What may seem really valuable to me may seem worthless to someone else. We didn't want to specify or list out things that should be put inside the locker. Since it's a 'personal locker', that choice is better left to the consumer."

They further add, "The communication, tone, and style of the campaign were designed around the product. The storytelling and execution of the campaign had to be unexpected and surprising. Every story is unpredictable and engaging, as you don't know what it's building up to! Is it a car commercial, is it an insurance ad? What is it? The surprising connection of what each person uses the locker for in the end, is what gives the campaign a fresh voice."

We asked our experts about the execution of the ads and if the brand could have used the angle of a thief unable to steal from the locker, and this is what they had to say.

Sambit Mohanty

Rajiv Dingra

Sambit Mohanty, creative head, DDB Mudra North, says, "The campaign for Godrej Goldilocks is immensely watchable. It's human nature to safeguard certain 'personal' items, and those don't have to be the usual suspects such as gold, jewellery, or wads of cash. Also, the compact size of the safe ensures one can't store much in it. From that perspective, it makes sense to weave stories around the smaller stuff."

He further adds, "I really enjoyed the car ad. It makes the point in an entertaining way, and its Marathi rap track is super cool. It's well-executed and very enjoyable."

Rajiv Dingra, founder and CEO, WATConsult, says, "The objective behind the ad is to showcase those items that can be put inside the Godrej Goldilocks. It seems Goldilocks is not meant for protection against a thief as it's a light weight personal locker of sorts. Its purpose is perhaps to keep things frequently used that one doesn't want someone else to touch or misplace. The creative execution is in the quirky and light humour zone, and works well to make the point. On the whole, it is well-executed from a TVC point of view."

He further says, "The ad could have possibly shown how the safe protects daily jewellery, or papers, and other important things from say, house maids, but then again, that would go into the conventional zone. It seems the objective is to expand the market and create a need for a personal locker and not a heavy safe which is being replaced by bank lockers."

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