In India, 91% of video ads are viewable on YouTube across desktop, mobile and tablet: Google Report

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Published : July 18, 2016
The viewability analysis of Google's 'Global State of Play Report' shows viewability on web and apps other than YouTube go down from 79 per cent to 67 per cent in the last one year.

'Global State of Play Report', Google's new research report, has provided the search engine several insights about the rapidly-growing trend of brands using programmatic technology to serve video ads. The Report also throws light upon the viewability stats from across Google's video properties.

As per the Report, Programmatic, which was once considered as a perfromance marketing tool for low-quality display inventory, has now become a key strategy for top brands, agencies, broadcasters, and media companies.


"Eighty five of the Ad Age Top 100 advertisers in the US bought programmatic video ads on DoubleClick Bid Manager in 2015. These advertisers bought over 590 per cent more programmatic video impressions in 2015 than they did the year before," mentions the Report.

The Report also states that Premium video -- in Programmatic Direct and Private Marketplaces -- is the primary reason behind most of this growth.

But, if an ad isn't seen, it can't have an impact. The research also shows that many advertisers are still paying for video ad 'impressions' -- ads that are merely served, but not necessarily watched by anyone. Viewability measures this. Video ad viewability varies significantly by country, with the exception of YouTube, which has consistently high levels of viewability globally.

"Ninety one per cent of video ads are viewable on YouTube across desktop, mobile, and tablet - now the global leader for video viewability. In 2015, 90 per cent were viewable; 67 per cent of video ads in India are viewable on the web and apps (not including YouTube) across desktop, mobile, and tablet. In 2015, 79 per cent were viewable," the Report further adds.

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