Airtel highlights the significance of 'choice of network' with brand new campaign

By Rumani Arora , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Marketing
Published : May 01, 2017
Airtel, one of the leading integrated telecom brand has rolled out this brand new campaign to drive the category relevance.

Airtel's latest campaign takes on a refreshing tonality with adorable conversations between kids and brings out some key thoughts about what makes a network "smart"

From the second we get up to the moment we go to bed, smartphones are something that accompanies us everywhere. After all, smartphone is that incredibly handy gadget, which serves as the ultimate gateway enabling humans to live and enjoy the digital lifestyle.

Be it accessing the work email or checking the Facebook notification or reading through news updates or playing the online games, there's always another reason to pick up the phone, simply because they do so much.

However, the experience a smartphone can deliver is highly dependent on the mobile network being used by a particular customer. While a great network can multiply your smartphone experience, a bad one could actually make you feel ancient.

Despite such significance, the choice of the mobile network is often put on the backseat and is generally based on dissent or the network perception. On the other hand, customers prefer to invest a lot of time and money in identifying the best smartphone for their use.

Airtel, one of the leading integrated telecom brand has rolled out this brand new campaign to drive the category relevance.

The campaign seamlessly brings forth the proposition that the mobile network is not just related to calling or speed but it's about the complete network and smartphone experience. Airtel's range of services such as Mobile Anti-virus, Phone Damage Protection, Payments Bank, Movies, Music, Games & High-Speed 4G, complements the concept quite well.

Airtel enjoys the reputation of coming up with innovative campaigns time & again and this fresh one seems to be an extension to that. The credit goes to the telecom giant for communicating the 'service extravaganza' that comes with a mobile network, in a way that is simple yet powerful and also in a format that cuts across SECs, age groups and mind-sets. Also, what could have better than illustrating this via limitless possibilities in a child's mind?

It would not be an exaggeration if we say that the range of services offered by Airtel with its mobile network would certainly grab the eyeballs of customers in a competitive and wide market like India, where the sale of mobile phones touched 250 million units last year.

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