"Every idea is a shit idea until it goes viral": Kopal Doshi

By Kopal Doshi , Mumbai | In Advertising
Last updated : May 21, 2018
Lots more where that tenet came from! Read on.

Kopal Doshi Kopal Doshi

1st law of content: It's con. Not cun.

2nd law of content: There is going to be no more than 5% overlap between the actual idea and the final execution.

3rd law of content: The brief will always include an un-achievable. Eg: We want to make a 3 minute creative to go viral on Instagram.

4th law of content: Everyone you show a video to will immediately have a better idea on what the video should have been on, even though you're only asking for feedback.

5th law of content: Every idea is a shit idea until it goes viral when it's proved that it was always their idea.

6th law of content: No content will pass the test unless 70% of it is the client's logo.

Post this, I threw it open to the crowd, so here are the curated additions to the list:

7th law of content: The client will always want the Red Bull space jump in a Maruti 800 budget.

7th law corollary: Whatever needs a CD, can and will be done by an intern (preferably for free).

8th law of content: The 'quirkiness' of the final concept will be inversely proportional to the number of times the words 'edgy' and 'innovative' were said during the briefing.

9th law of content: No hashtag = No approval (even for a print ad)

10th law of content: If the CEO didn't see it on his FB feed, it didn't work.
You got any more?

(The author is Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, at Kellogg's India. Views expressed are personal).

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First Published : May 21, 2018


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