Suraj Chakravarty, the 'red hot guy' is the sole reason for global warming

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Last updated : June 05, 2018 05:00 PM
Hitachi Inverter AC has the perfect solution to bring down the temperatures this summer.

If you're wondering what is the reason for the unending heat and soaring high temperatures this summer, then it's time to put a full stop to all the deliberation. The reason is clear, and is none other than Suraj Chakravarty aka the 'hot' guy. This is definitely not a life Suraj chose for himself... not being able to enjoy his favourite ice-cream or kulfi without melting it is a real tough situation to be in but sadly, innocent Suraj had the hot-like-fire life weighing on his shoulders!

Unaware of his unique problem since childhood, all Suraj Chakaravarti could do was burn his father's morning newspapers, tear apart his mother's newly done laundry with a simple touch and even straighten his cranky sister's hair. With the power of burning the whole house down, everything that Suraj touched with his mere hands would burn to ashes.

Growing up wasn't easy either for the red hot guy. A fire extinguisher was all that came to his rescue when situations went out of control for him and his troubled family! Imagine developing a bright red face when angry and your sister taunting you with 'baal hai jiske laal laal... naam hai uska Suraj laal', for having hair dabbed in red and not being to do anything about it. What a life for our dear Suraj Chakravarty!

Suraj's parents tried and tested everything to ensure a better life for their beloved son. From applying the coolest powder to pouring an entire bottle of 'thanda' tel to visiting every possible place of worship, but nothing seemed to work for the boy. Tired of this daily routine and their son's blazing situation, quite literally, Suraj's parents suddenly came up with the most brilliant idea for their son's fiery problem - Marriage. In his mother's words, "Shayad issi se iski garmi nikal jaaye!"

Suraj's parents found the most suitable bride for their son only in the highest of hopes to get rid of the dreadful situation their son was living with.

Surajmukhi, a girl endowed with beauty and etiquette was ready for the holy matrimony but little did she know what was in store for her. Worried about spilling the beans to the girl's parents, Suraj and his family were in a dilemma!

They were worried about their son's misery and wanted to bring an end to it. Gathering all the world's courage, Mr. and Mrs. Chakravarty explained Suraj's problem to the girl's family and tadaa! They actually had a solution in hand. It was just as easy as a press of a button. Switching on the Hitachi AC was all that Suraj needed to cool the anger that resided inside him. Finally, the boy with the heat could enjoy his first ever kulfi without melting it.

So, if you're also a victim of the heat trapped in inside of you, it's high time you do something about it... an perhaps it's something as easy as a press of a button.

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First Published : June 04, 2018 11:37 AM


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