6 Reasons why OnePlus won the Premium Smartphone Battle

By Sudipto Adhicary , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Marketing
Published : August 05, 2018 11:30 AM
Well, it's the simplest of strategies that won them the laurels...

A successful brand is one which becomes synonymous with a particularly distinctive feature. One that makes it stand out, differentiates it from its competitors, and gives its users an upper hand when debating with friends over why their brand is better!

One of the brands in the recent times which has carved out a niche for itself by simply making the best phone money can buy has to be OnePlus. Impeccable design, flawless performance, and unmatched value for money have been the three pillars for its continued success. But, there's one more pillar that OnePlus has which makes it mighty. Marketing mighty!

What makes its marketing unique and OnePlus mighty?

OnePlus' marketing has always been unconventional; from the time when OnePlus One was to be launched to the most recent iteration OnePlus 6, the brand has been able to generate a hype that gives its fans anxious sleepless nights and then with grandeur delivers on the promise of a phone that gives a tough fight to other flagships in the market but always at a much lower price.

For their latest offering, OnePlus brought in some interesting initiatives to connect with its consumers and some innovative first-of-its-kind campaigns. Let's dig deeper...

6 Reasons why OnePlus won the Premium Smartphone Battle

1. Humanity's Fascination with Speed Film: Starting with a teaser on digital platforms, the poetic message in the video was a simple one: humanity needs speed. And, that's one of the USPs of the phone through the use of the latest SoC in the market; both the interface and the experience is a breeze.

2. Association with Star Wars and Avengers: Another unique promotional stint was a limited edition Avengers Infinity War OnePlus 6 which was on similar lines as the limited edition Star Wars OnePlus 5T. So basically, the most hyped phone collaborated with the most hyped movie of 2018 to bring to its consumers a device that would go on to be a collector's treasure, and that's how a brand ensures a recall for years to come! With this collaboration, it also gave away 6,000 complimentary movie tickets to its fans with a simple registration of their IMEI numbers.

6 Reasons why OnePlus won the Premium Smartphone Battle

3. Community first ideology: OnePlus didn't stop with just a limited edition piece-of-art. It is a brand that talks to its consumers and listens to their feedback, goes back to the drawing board, and works on the product. To meet with its loyalists, OnePlus also conducted various meet-ups across cities like Pune, Kolkata, Jaipur, Chennai, and Mumbai. The simplest of ways to grow your brand is to know your audience by meeting them; what a novel way the folks at OnePlus have devised!

4. 117 influencers in 1 day on Instagram: On the launch day, 117 celebrities and influencers shared pictures of their OnePlus 6. Few also went ahead and unboxed it. This growing community of celebs loving a brand that is not just chic but also a beast drives a strong message among their followers and OnePlus' fan base grows.

6 Reasons why OnePlus won the Premium Smartphone Battle

5. Vogue cover Shot on OnePlus: OnePlus also didn't leave any stone unturned to highlight its camera and image processing power, which in a way, is a testament of the speed of the phone. And again, it collaborated with the best out there with a first-time-ever initiative. The result: Vogue India became the first Indian publication to shoot a magazine cover shot on a smartphone - the OnePlus 6! An international fashion brand's cover being shot on a smartphone is not something people have heard so often and definitely never in India. But now they do and they'll remember the smartphone for this!

6. Making the best smartphone money can buy: Now this is what compelled OnePlus' birth and inspired them to create a true flagship smartphone for its consumers without burning a hole (like a $ 1000 hole) in their pockets. Stunning craftsmanship juxtaposed with blazingly fast performance - what else does one need?

OnePlus carried out all its promotions brilliantly on all mediums-online, social, print, outdoor - to ensure that not just the brand loyalists but also the tech-savvy generation knows about it; a brand that makes a true-to-the-definition smartphone with the latest specs at an unbelievable price. A brand that connects with its fans and hears their feedback and criticisms to push itself to create a better phone each time, a brand that collaborates with other leaders to create something unique, and a brand that lives up to its tagline to NEVER SETTLE!

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