Lifebuoy's Germ Nashini campaign brings cleanliness closer to godliness - literally!

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Published : October 26, 2018 04:07 AM
Select puja pandals across cities witnessed an eleventh hand keeping evil germs at bay this year.

This year, apart from the ten blessing-hands of goddess Durga, select puja pandals across cities witnessed an eleventh hand keeping evil germs at bay. Crafted by Lowe Lintas, the Germ Nashini campaign, an outdoor play by brand Lifebuoy, equipped pandals with an extra blessing hand.

This hand was a disguised automated hand-sanitiser dispenser that blessed devotees and pandal-hoppers with a spray of antiseptic liquid on their palms, prepping them for the 'bhog bitoron' or distribution of the warm khichdi. The campaign was carried out in Kolkata, Mumbai and Guwahati.

Lifebuoy's Germ Nashini campaign Lifebuoy's Germ Nashini

Lifebuoy's Germ Nashini campaign Germ Nashini's spray of hand sanitizer

The 'bhog' or the khichdi blessing is often consumed with bare hands in a bustling pandal environment where basic hygiene like washing hands takes a back seat due to reasons ranging from absence of water and soap to hustle and bustle. Lifebuoy rode on the fact that the simple act of cleaning hands before eating food can help protect people from these disease-causing germs.

Lifebuoy's Germ Nashini campaign

Lifebuoy's Germ Nashini campaign The 11th hand

Making this possible in the most crowded corners of a city in the absence of amenities is a master stroke. Moreover, the name Germ Nashini also benefits from its phonetic similarity with 'Bipod Nashini' or 'Durgoti Nashini', aliases of goddess Durga.

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Client: Kartik Chandrasekhar, Madhurjya Banerjee, Harman Dhillon, Guntas Randhawa and Ajeyta Agarwal

Agency: Lowe Lintas

Creative: Arun Iyer, Sagar Kapoor, Sarvesh Raikar, Nitin Sawant, Satendra Mhatre, Joybrato Dutta and Girish Umamaheshwar
Account Management: Vinay Vinayak, Dharal Goshalia and Prathamesh Kulkarni
Planning: Shahvez Afridi and Savita Iyer
Production: Prakash Vaidyanathan, Shomik Basuray and Srushti Iyer

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