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Reliance Trends urges people to make Diwali brighter and not louder

By Sudipto Adhicary , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Advertising
Published : November 06, 2018 12:08 PM
...through its new online film which continues to follow its theme of noise-free celebrations.

We have been taught from our earliest stints at education that Diwali is the festival of lights. Yet, every time we have experienced the festival, we have found something else in addition to the light; one that is curbing the light. And no, it is not darkness. But a similarly evil element: NOISE!

Lost somewhere in this noise, are the many complaints of people who suffer due to the high decibels. Young children and the old fraternity, both alike, are more susceptible to the effects of noise than the other section. However, it is the elderly that are affected more.

Reliance Trends, the fashion arm of Reliance Retail, has continued to pay heed to this issue and urges us to do so too. In its latest digital campaign, the brand delivers a simple yet crucial message: make Diwali brighter and not louder. The film starts with an elderly, living in an old-age home, getting agitated with the noise of firecrackers. He shrugs and sighs since its Diwali and he cannot do anything about it. A couple of youngsters who witness the episode, however, decide to not the situation be as is. And they, along with their friends, do make the lives easier for the elderly and for everyone living in the old-age home. Not just easier, brighter. After all, Diwali is about lights and not sound.

Dubbing such individuals as 'Shor Stoppers', the film follows the ethos of Reliance Trends: to start a trend out of the ordinary and make a statement. This time around it is to make Diwali regain its lost meaning and shine, minus the noise.

Leveraging various social media platforms, the online film has garnered close to 9 million views so far, across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram after being released on November 03, 2018.

Brilliantly crafted and directed, the film delivers the message in a festive spirit and successfully strengthens its brand proposition.

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