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"...your life experience defines you as a person and that also reflects in your work", believes Rajni Menon, CEO, Carat Media

By Isha Dara , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Media
Published : November 08, 2018 02:35 PM
afaqs! Interviewed media heads to know about their journeys throughout their career and how travel has changed their perception of work.

A nature-lover and an advocate of doing something new, Rajni Menon, Chief Executive Officer, Carat Media believes turning a journey into a photographic narrative keeps boredom at bay. In an interview with afaqs!, she shares her travel experiences, bucket list, travel mantra and more...

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Out of the four which one would you choose for a vacation - Hills or Beaches or City life or something else?
I love nature so hills, forest reserves would be at the top. But I also love exploring cities which have a historical perspective. I'm off in the coming week to Bandhavgarh by road and during the trip also plan to explore Gwalior, Jhansi & Khajurao.

What has been your most unique experience while on a business trip?
Business trips are usually about three locations: Airports, Hotels and Office. While it all blurs into each other, I have discovered that to keep from feeling homesick or bored turn the stay and the journey into a photographic narrative. I love photography and not having loads of time to indulge in it, I have started capturing unique aspects of the city while on the road or the hotel that I'm at. I usually find something unique and beautiful worth capturing - sometimes at the very same hotel that I always stay at. My Instagram page is a reflection of that. (

What would be the top three places on your travel bucket list and the top three on your professional list?
Brazil, Antarctica, Northern Lights at Norway. Professionally - New York, Tokyo, London (again)

What is your favourite travel story from a personal trip?
My favourite so far has been a 10-day long road trip from Delhi to Kutch ( It was exciting being on the road, experiencing the White Rann, exploring Dholavira (the excavated Harappan site). Going to the edge of Dholavira from where the Pakistan border is just under 50km and all that is there in between is the Rann. ( The layers of experience that this trip had was just amazing.

Have you ever taken a trip while broke?

Travel stimulates the mind. What stimulates you in your workplace?
Working with my teams on debating about consumers and brands and how the relationship between the two exists. Getting under the skin of the consumer to understand motivations, behaviours etc.

How often do you travel? Are you impulsive when it comes to travel plans?
I travel on work almost every week but that's limited to the same cities of Mum, B'lore etc. I try and travel at least once a year on a longer trip. But I also try and hit the road whenever the opportunity presents itself in the form of a long weekend. Between Aug'17 and Jan'18 I covered Ajmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaipur across three short trips. The shorter trips are usually last minute. In fact, a large part of the trips does get planned at very short timelines.

Share us your travel mantra which can also be a work mantra.
Do something New. Get a New experience. As an individual, your life experience defines you as a person and that also reflects in your work.

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