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In sync with Avengers Endgame, 8 Bit Media celebrates Nanhi Kali's real-life superheroes...

By Debashish Chakraborty , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Media
Published : May 03, 2019 05:00 PM
...who have supported it in fighting female illiteracy across India.

Critics call it the biggest superhero movie of the century and fans tussle to find a seat even at the farthest corner of the cinema theater. This is the impact of the global blockbuster Avengers Endgame. While the movie highlights the superpowers of reel-life characters, Project Nanhi Kali has called for the aam junta to assemble alongside the organization's own real-life superheroes to fight for female literacy across India.

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Primarily focused on educating underprivileged girl children across the country, Project Nanhi Kali was established in 1996 by the K. C. Mahindra Education Trust. Riding high on the concurrent buzz around Avengers Endgame, Nanhi Kali is highlighting its key contributors without whom the project would not have attained the massive reach it has today. These contributions both, awareness and fund wise, would not have happened without the constant and continuous support of these homegrown superheroes. These include leaders across various domains like Anand Mahindra & V. S. Parthasarathy, celebrity photographer, Atul Kasbekar and professional skater, Rana Uppalapati.

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The campaign by 8 Bit Media, Nanhi Kali's digital agency, believes in showcasing these superheroes as no less than the heroes of the Avengers. The team came up with the insight that Project Nanhi Kali's cause fits right into the season's theme of the eternal battle of good vs evil, co-relating it to the battle of literacy versus illiteracy. Leveraging the current buzz around the movie and putting a cape on these people, who despite not having superpowers but are nevertheless ready to save the world, is commendable.

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Using #EducationIsTheEndgame as its campaign hashtag, 8 Bit Media is helping Project Nanhi Kali run the campaign across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The campaign acts as a tribute to how education ultimately leads to self-empowerment, especially for underprivileged girl children, helping them also individually fight against social stigmas of our society.

Project Nanhi Kali believes every one of us can join their team of superheroes, by donating to #EducateTheGirlChild. You can donate to their cause here:

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