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HT's Rajiv Bansal decides to move on

While his next move is unconfirmed, Bansal's major decision would be to either venture out on his own or join another company.

Rajiv Bansal, CEO, HT Digital Streams has decided to move on from the company. Bansal confirmed the news to afaqs. He joined Hindustan Times as chief digital officer, HT media and the CEO of its digital portfolio in mid-2017.

With almost 20 years in the industry Bansal has had stints with Microsoft, Samsung, The Boston Consulting Group, Logitech, among others in India and the USA.

HT's Rajiv Bansal decides to move on

Rajiv Bansal

He confirmed that he would not to go back to the US and would be staying in India instead.

"India has a lot of potential, which I saw during my work at HT, tripling revenues and making its digital business one of two profitable digital media businesses in the country in a short span. The road to worldwide dominance on the consumer internet will go through India. Also, the story of the consumer internet is just starting to get written in this country. I feel I’m in a good position to contribute as I’ve not only worked in startup’s at all stages and run businesses for large companies but I’ve also now done three turnarounds," Bansal says.

While his next assignment is not yet clear, he says, "The major decision will be whether I should venture out on my own or join someone."

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