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Adarsh Menon quits Flipkart amidst company reshuffle

Prior to this, Ravish Sinha, SVP of supply chain, left the company in March, while Flipkart Labs’ head Ajay Ponna Venkatesh quit in January 2023

According to media reports, Flipkart is experiencing a top-level restructuring, with three top-level executives stepping down from the company.

The report stated, Adarsh Menon, senior vice president and head of new businesses at Shopsy, ReCommerce, and Cleartrip, has resigned after nearly eight years with the company.

In addition to this, Chanakya Gupta, vice president, of strategic partnerships and D2C Brand Accelerator, and Ravish Sinha, senior vice president, heading supply chain, product, and technology, have left.

Gupta and Sinha both worked for the company for more than eight years. Menon and Gupta previously worked for Hindustan Unilever, while Sinha was a senior director of Engineering at Yahoo.

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