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Ashwini Parolkar elevated as the COO of Blacksof

In this new role, she will be responsible for managing business and growth initiatives and planning the agency’s business expansion.

Blacksof, the branding and marketing agencies in Central India, has elevated Ashwini Parolkar as their first chief operating officer (COO). Ashwini, who was already a part of the company and was heading the strategy and execution, will now spearhead the business and growth initiatives with a key focus on expansion and churning internationally competitive work.

Her work as a COO will complement and support the CEO, Aditya Nagar, by following a divide and conquer strategy at work to hack substantial growth in a shorter period.

Aditya Nagar, the CEO of Blacksof, commented, “Growing a branding and marketing organization like ours requires an exceptional team and an even better leader. Ashwini possesses all the qualities of that leader. She has time and again leveraged her expertise to establish, activate, and launch new departments and verticals at Blacksof along with single-handedly managing operations. Now, Blacksof will be two leaders strong and I’m sure her stepping up for this role will be the start of a new era for our company.

Ashwini Parolkar the COO of the company, commented, “It’s been a great pleasure working with a growing and culture-first company such as Blacksof and being able to shape its growth trajectory. I’m thrilled to take up this role and start working towards spearheading the company in this new phase of growth. The only trajectory now is up and above and I look forward to growing Blacksof leaps and bounds in the time to come.

Ashwini will be a critical part of the team and will be responsible for shaping how Blacksof grows and creates its imprint in this creative industry. The company aims to exponentially grow its operations in India in phase 1 and slowly move into international markets for scaling globally.

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