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Google lays off its director of news Madhav Chinnappa

Chinnappa has served almost 13 years at Google.

Tech giant Google recently hit headlines for laying off its staff. Indian-born Madhav Chinnappa, director of news ecosystem development at Google, shared the news of his layoff with his followers on LinkedIn.

Chinnappa has served almost 13 years at Google. Prior to this, he has worked with firms like BBC News, UBM and APTN.

In his LinkedIn post Chinnappa shares:

"I am on gardening leave at the moment which allows too much time to contemplate work, career, life etc. In the end, I am proud of what I have been able to achieve during my almost 13 years at Google."

Chinnappa, who worked from London, says, "And what now: I am in the privileged position of being able (to take) some time to figure that out. In the near term, I have some pressing family issues that need my fuller attention, so in the spirit of the Zen proverb that the tea cup must be empty before it can be full, I will take August off, then spend September looking after my mum in India and only start thinking about work in October with a view to doing more things in 2024."

Google has joined the league of tech firms that are cutting jobs to deal with the global slowdown. Chinnappa said he was proud of what he had been able to achieve during his almost 13 years at Google.

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