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Honda India Power Products appoints Shigeki Iwama as CEO

Shigeki Iwama will succeed and uphold Takahiro Ueda’s legacy to steer Honda India Power Products in its next phase of growth.

Honda India Power Products, India's leading and best-in-class power product manufacturer, and market leader in the Power Products category for the past 36 years, has announced the appointment of Shigeki Iwama as its new President, effective from April 1st, 2023. Shigeki Iwama will succeed and uphold Takahiro Ueda’s legacy to steer Honda India Power Products in its next phase of growth.

Shigeki Iwama has had an impressive career trajectory during his long-standing journey of close to 20 years with Honda Motor Company, specializing in the power products business. Mr. Shigeki Iwama recently held the position of President at Honda Motor Europe's Central Europe branch (Austria), from 2020 to 2023. During his tenure, he led the entire Central Europe branch, overseeing Sales and Marketing operations in the Power products, Car, Motorcycle, and Spare parts business.

In addition to his role at Honda Motor Europe's Central Europe branch, Shigeki Iwama has an extensive background and commendable expertise in the power products industry. He previously served as Department Manager at Honda Motor Japan and as General Manager of the Power Products Department at Honda South America.

In these positions, he oversaw various aspects of Honda Motor Company, including sales, product planning, strategic growth, and power product domains. His exceptional leadership skills, impressive track record of delivery, and in-depth know-how of the power products industry make Mr. Shigeki Iwama the perfect heady brew as the President at HIPP.

Expressing his avidity on this new role, Shigeki Iwama stated, "In terms of demand for power products, India stands at 4th rank in the world demonstrating a huge opportunity driven by a resolute focus on agriculture, construction mechanization, a steady infrastructure boost and impetus to the power & EV sector. With opportunity comes a responsibility to incorporate innovation and sustainability in our product offerings to make them future-ready. To support the Indian Government’s efforts, HIPP will continue with its eco-friendly approach across our product line-up. In this new role, our efforts will be focused on harnessing the unwavering potential posed by the Indian market, all while fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence."

Speaking about the HIPP’s product repertoire, he added, “Today, Honda India Power Products is an industry leader offering a series of robust innovation-led products to more than 5 million customers. We’ve built an ever-growing organization focused to improve living standards and maximise convenience for our customer base. At HIPP, we’ll continue to transition our product repertoire, as a direct corollary of the shifting dynamics.”

Under Iwama's stewardship, Honda India Power Products is poised to achieve sustained growth and success, cementing its position as a major player in the Indian market. Shigeki Iwama's motto of "Triple Win" - which focuses on winning over customers, dealers, and associates – will surely be able to take HIPP’s success story to even greater heights in India.

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