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Meta's Snehi Jha joins Mindshare as head of Mindshare Fulcrum - South Asia

In her new role, Jha will report directly to the CEO of Mindshare South Asia, Amin Lakhani, based out of the Mumbai office.

Mindshare, has announced the appointment of Snehi Jha as the head of Mindshare Fulcrum, South Asia. With her extensive experience in strategic marketing, digital transformation, and brand development across diverse industries, Snehi is poised to lead Mindshare Fulcrum into a new era of ‘Good Growth’. 

Snehi brings with her over 22 years of proven expertise in product development, digital  transformation, and brand development. Her comprehensive experience spans various  industries, including media, finance, and FMCG. Snehi's career began at Mindshare  Fulcrum in 2002, where she spearheaded strategic media planning for the Skin Care and  Oral Care sectors. Her return to Mindshare marks a homecoming as she re-joins the  organization to drive strategic initiatives and further strengthen the agency's position as  a market leader. 

Most recently, Snehi was a part of the Meta India Leadership team. During her tenure,  which began in 2013, Snehi played a pivotal role in developing and executing the sales  strategy for the Indian market. She led efforts in ad product monetization growth, product  development, and client solutions. As the Product Growth Head for Meta’s Ads Portfolio  and WhatsApp, Snehi was responsible for driving product growth strategy and  development of WhatsApp Business Solutions across APAC. Prior to her time at Meta, she  held marketing leadership roles at ICICI Prudential AMC and HSBC Bank. 

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Snehi Jha is a passionate champion of diversity,  equity, and inclusion (DEI). In her previous role, she successfully spearheaded the  formation and implementation of an organization-wide DEI charter, demonstrating her  commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace. 

Commenting on the appointment, Amin Lakhani, CEO - South Asia Mindshare, said, "I am delighted to welcome Snehi as Head of Mindshare Fulcrum. Snehi's vast experience and  exposure to Platforms, Brand and Media make her the ideal leader. I am confident in her  deep industry knowledge and her passion for innovation and DEI which will undoubtedly  accelerate good growth and deliver exceptional value to our esteemed client Unilever." 

Snehi Jha, head of Mindshare Fulcrum - South Asia expressed her excitement about  returning to Mindshare, stating, "I am thrilled to re-join Mindshare, a company that has  always been close to my heart. I look forward to working with the talented team at  Mindshare Fulcrum and leveraging our collective expertise to deliver outstanding results  for Unilever. Together, we will unlock new opportunities, drive innovation, and create  meaningful connections in an ever-evolving media landscape." 

In her new role, Snehi will report directly to the CEO of Mindshare South Asia, Amin  Lakhani, based out of the Mumbai office. 

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