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SKAL International announces new board members for India

Sanjeev Mehra has joined as president and Venkat Reddy and Krishna Gopalan have joined as vice president.

SKAL International, the premier professional organisation of tourism  leaders around the world, has announced the election of its new board members for India. The team will serve for the term  2024 – 2026.

The newly elected board members are as follows: 

President: Sanjeev Mehra  

Vice President 1: Venkat Reddy  

Vice President 2: Krishna Gopalan 

Secretary: Rohit Hangal  

Treasurer: Monik Dharamshi 

Director PR: Shalini Khanna Charles  

Director Young SKAL: Raj Gopalan Iyer 

Senior Auditor: M Varadaraj Prabhu

Junior Auditor: Dr Sheri Kurian

The newly elected president of SKAL International India, Sanjeev Mehra,  expressed enthusiasm about the new team, stating, “I am honoured to lead such a distinguished group of professionals. This election marks a new chapter for SKAL International India. I am excited to work alongside  my fellow board members to support our members, expand our network,  and advocate for the interests of the tourism community.”

AGM was held at GRT Grand Hotel. NSN Mohan, director, Skal International administered the oath to the newly elected board followed by the Skal Toast.

SKAL International India has 1200 members across 17 chapters and remains dedicated unite all branches of the travel and tourism industry.

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