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Takehiko Matsushita appointed as MD, Toshiba JSW Power Systems

Toshiba JSW Power Systems is a joint venture between Japan’s Toshiba Group (Toshiba) and India’s JSW Group.

Toshiba JSW Power Systems, a joint venture between Japan’s Toshiba Group (Toshiba) and India’s JSW Group (JSW), today announced the appointment of Takehiko Matsushita as its new managing director. A graduate from Nihon University with a degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, Matsushita joined Toshiba Group in 1994 and largely focused on the thermal power business during his 28 years of association with the group. His wide-ranging experience and expertise in mechanical system engineering especially for combined cycle power plant earned him the position of Project Manager for Nishi-Nagoya Project in Japan in 2012, which was adjudged as the World’s most efficient combined cycle power plant in 2018.

TJPS also offers effective solutions for “preventive maintenance” by way of advanced digital IoT solutions like EtaPRO® for the thermal plants which further help in improving the efficiency and reliability of power generating assets. In addition, TJPS can provide Carbon Dioxide Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) solution, which helps to separate and capture CO2 from its source, such as thermal power plants. The captured CO2 can later be used in a different form for a different purpose. TJPS is committed to help improve and modernize Indian thermal power sector, resulting in transition towards a carbon neutral society.

Commenting on his appointment, Takehiko Matsushita said, “Toshiba group is committed to sustainable growth and TJPS has the expertise and experience to provide world-class maintenance services to thermal power plants in India. With my global experience in the thermal power sector, I will lead TJPS to contribute to India’s increasing energy demand and also keep in mind environmental considerations. At TJPS, we are also considering expanding our business coverage to renewable energy sector, and maximize our skill and experiences for nuclear business”

Long before the Government of India’s vision to Make-in-India, TJPS was established in 2011 as the manufacturing base and export hub of Toshiba’s energy generation equipment business, manufacturing Supercritical Steam turbines & Generators (STGs). TJPS facility in Chennai houses modern machine tools and facilities for heat treatment, testing, high-speed balancing, and inspection. And the use of the facility will now extend to other industries for manufacturing high-precision equipment in India with Japanese quality assurance.

“With a world-class manufacturing setup already available at Chennai factory, We are confident that other industries can also benefit from Toshiba’s high quality manufacturing capabilities, we are happy to contribute to the overall development of India For a New Day”, Mr. Matsushita added further.

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