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Toshiba JSW Power Systems appoints Daisuke Murata as its new managing director

Murata plans to improve the Make-in-India program and Export-from-India initiatives by expanding its overseas presence in his new role.

Toshiba JSW Power Systems, herein referred to as Toshiba JSW, a joint venture between Japan's Toshiba Group and India's JSW Group, today announced the appointment of Daisuke Murata as its new managing director.

Murata graduated from the University of Tokyo with a degree in bachelor's of engineering, and joined Toshiba Group in 1994. For three decades, he worked on engineering and manufacturing of large equipment for power sectors and later was responsible for business development utilising new technology.

During this period, he gained knowledge and experience in design and procurement of the generator, production planning and control of the turbine and generator, technical leading and management of the new businesses, and application of new technology such as heavy ion therapy system and superconducting.

His experience and expertise earned Murata the position of technology executive of Keihin Factory, Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (Toshiba ESS), the parent company of Toshiba JSW in 2020. In 2021, Murata was appointed as the head of new business unit in Power System Division of Toshiba ESS.

Commenting on his appointment, Murata said, “In my new role at Toshiba JSW, I aim to bolster Make-in-India program and Export-from-India initiatives by expanding our business presence in overseas markets including Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. By fully utilising our world-class manufacturing facility in Chennai and the Global Engineering Centre in Gurgaon, we will provide high quality products and services, supported by excellent installation supervision by our certified Indian technical advisors to our customers in India and globally.”

Toshiba JSW is committed to improve and modernise power sector, accelerating the transition towards a carbon neutral society. Toshiba JSW offers high efficiency equipment and service to existing power plants which can help in reduction of CO2 emissions and keeping high availability.

Recently, Toshiba JSW has demonstrated its comprehensive service capabilities by restoring a unit to limited capacity power generation within a short span of 3 months following unplanned shutdown due to low pressure (LP) turbine damage. Toshiba JSW also offers effective solutions for ’preventive maintenance’ by way of advanced digital IoT solutions like EtaPROâ for the power plants which further help in improving the efficiency and reliability of power generating assets.

In addition, Toshiba JSW in cooperation with Toshiba ESS, continues to provide Carbon Dioxide Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) solution, which helps separate and capture CO2 from its source such as thermal power plants. The captured CO2 can later be used in a different form for a different purpose. Currently, Toshiba JSW engineers are undergoing extensive training and preparing for taking up the work for CCUS in the future.

“Toshiba JSW operates a state-of-the-art Heavy Engineering manufacturing facility located in Chennai, which boasts modern high-precision machines and fabrication facilities. Our facility is perfectly suited for manufacturing, assembly, and testing of large-sized precision components for Thermal Power and other industries. We offer comprehensive solutions to our clients through Japanese quality management system, ensuring all their manufacturing needs are met under one roof. We have already manufacturered products for other industries and additionally are in extensive talks with potential customers to offer our facilities for contract manufacturing for power as well as other industries”, Murata further added.

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