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What is driving brands to launch coffee-based products?

Parle Products, with its Kapi Candy, is the latest to launch a coffee-flavoured product. Earlier Britannia introduced Bis Cafe and mCaffeine has built its entire skincare brand around coffee.

Are bite-sized ice creams having their time under the sun?

The likes of Havmor, Creambell and Arun are offering bite-sized ice creams this summer. Do they actually make any sense, when we’d rather bite into gigantic ice lollies?

ChefBoss cooks up a storm with first ad campaign; but how much scope does the category hold?

The product range includes ready-to-cook gravies and sauces, but how many home chefs will it appeal to?

Is 'snacking wanderlust' past its peak?

Buoyed by prolific brand activity in ready-to-cook and food delivery segments, frequent snacking emerged as a biproduct of WFH over 18 months. As offices reopen, will the bingefest wane?
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Will the Nestle controversy bring processed foods under fresh scrutiny?

Processed foods were never considered healthy, but in light of a leaked document, there is fresh scrutiny on these products. What impact will this have?

Mother’s Recipe forays into chutneys segment with Desi Szechwan sauce

The Szechwan chutney was first launched on e-commerce platforms and the company is actively working to generate trials among consumers with a pack that is priced at Rs 10.

"We used the entire jar to tell it's a sandwich spread:" Elephant Design's Ashwini Deshpande on Licious' meat spreads

She weighs in on overt meat imagery on packaging, purchase barriers to meat spreads, and if design world needs a regulator, and we look at Licious' latest ad for meat spreads.

Domino's owner Jubilant FoodWorks enters biryani biz with ‘Ekdum!’

The company has opened three restaurants in Gurugram, with plans for more. It is yet another evidence that biryani has become the favourite of restaurants and foodies alike.