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Mumbai, September 5, 2017

CORE Media, a multi-platform new age niche tech media company, is pleased to announce the appointment of media sales and marketing veteran Sudhir Kamath as the Country Director.

Sudhir has over 20 years of extensive experience in Consultative Sales, Business Development, Marketing, running a profit centre and turnarounds in leading global and Indian enterprises like Tata Donnelley, Motorola-Pagepoint, IL&FS Education and Technology Services, and IDG Media. In his previous stint he was instrumental in transforming a media company in to a marketing solutions organisation to a digital first entity. As a marketing leader, he has led efforts to evangelize digital solutions, secured international business alliances, and delivered growth with a commitment to customer success.

Commenting on the appointment, Anoop Mathur, President, CORE Media, said, "We are pleased to welcome Sudhir in to the CORE Media family. He is an accomplished leader with significant operating expertise, and his long-standing relationships with technology majors will enable him to seamlessly take over the role. I am confident the company will benefit from Sudhir's insights, experience and guidance, and will see continued growth under his direction. I look forward to the next exciting chapter under his leadership."

"I am excited to join CORE Media, especially at a time when the entire technology industry is going through a revolution," said Sudhir Kamath. "My vision is to establish operational processes that build our event brands and drive revenue growth. The company is known for its innovation excellence and I aim to further that by leveraging my expertise and industry trends and contribute to its success."

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