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Patrika TV emerges as the center of innovation in electronic media

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Media Brief
National, September 12, 2017

Patrika TV, a part of country's leading media conglomerate Patrika Group, has been on a remarkable growth trajectory so far. The journey so far for the Patrika TV has been path breaking, with a considerable enrichment and enhancement in quality being witnessed on almost all fronts. With a futuristic vision and people centric values at its core, Patrika TV is rapidly growing as the most believed and authentic news channel among people.

Being the country's first MOJO (Mobile Journalism) based TV channel, the Patrika TV has emerged as a center of innovations in the electronic media with delivering sublime performance through its innovative approach. Patrika's success with MOJO has inspired many industry players to adopt this forward looking concept. Gradually, Patrika TV has been able to deliver the country's fastest broadcasting schedule in TV media.

The highly impactful step for the Patrika TV has been a successful creation of an integrated newsroom where an integrated team of Print, TV and Web works in the direction of optimizing the news delivery and amplification through all mediums. This is probably the first time in India, where such innovation is being carried out by a media house.

The Patrika TV is also the only channel that represents people of all communities, casts and creeds. There is a program for everyone be it a student, a housewife, a senior citizen, a businessman, a sportsman etc. From Fitness to Law & Order, from spirituality to women oriented shows, from cities to villages, from hyper local to international, Patrika TV leaves no stone unturned in ensuring a realistic 360-degree coverage. No news domain is now untouched with an in-depth coverage on all fronts including State, National, International, Entertainment, Sports, Business, Health, Food, and many more.

Patrika TV is the only channel that daily broadcasts two special programs on women related issue, unlike the other news channels who keep on repeating serial or filmy gossip. It is the only channel that represents the villages and broadcasts a special program daily on issues and happening of villages. Despite having a regional focus, the Patrika TV broadcasts 4 special shows representing national and International news.

Marking its start with a strong opening, the TV is now powered by a network of 1500 active reporters, who keep a close watch on each and every happening in the state so that viewers of the TV don't miss any important news. Patrika TV's extensive network has helped it in effective real-time coverage of incidents. This has enabled the channel in gaining the trust of its viewers through delivering fast, accurate and authentic news. All programs of the channel are strategized in a way that they carry a unique combination of news and programming and provide optimum information to the viewer.

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