With TiVO DVRs, there's no escape from ads

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Last updated : November 19, 2004
TiVo to offer ads that can't be skipped. This is contrary to what DVRs normally offer to viewers

So you thought, watching TV without commerical breaks will be a bliss - huh? Frankly, even we thought so ourselves.

Until, we learnt about what US-based TiVO Inc is up to.

TiVo, pioneers in digital video recorders (DVRs) and a popular brand in the US, is gearing up to introduce services to help advertisers be noticed even when viewers skip through commercials on its digital video recorders.

It seems there's no escaping the big-moneyed multinationals.

Kimber Sterling, director for advertising and research sales at TiVo in California, has been quoted in the US media as confirming the planned services.

The services include 'fast-forward tags', which will allow an advertiser to pay for its logo or another image to appear on part of the screen when viewers fast-forward through its commercials.

What's more, advertisers will not be able to buy tags for display during commercials by their competitors.

The tags, which will be available early 2005, are in addition to the interactive tags that TiVo offers to its advertisers. The interactive tags features a 'thumbs up' icon, which appears on screen during commercials. Viewers, if they so wish, can click on the icon to receive more information or participate in promotions.

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First Published : November 19, 2004
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