Buzz Power 2008: Three online voters win prizes

By , agencyfaqs!, Mumbai | In Marketing | February 18, 2008
As per an online initiative by agencyfaqs!, the first three people to guess the top five Buzziest Brands in the correct/closest to correct order were to be given cool prizes. Here are the three winners

agencyfaqs! conducted

the third Buzziest Brands of the Year Poll 2008 recently. A short list of 60 brands, consisting of those names that had been searched most often on agencyfaqs! in 2007, was presented on the website. The voters got to choose five brands that they thought had created the maximum buzz in the year gone by. Next, they had to arrange their chosen brands in the order they thought would be the winning order.

Those who guessed correctly, or came closest to the actual winning order, would walk away with cool prizes: a Bose music system for the first winner, an Xbox 360 gaming console for the second winner, and an iPod Touch 8 GB for the third winner.

Well, here are the results! No one was able to guess all the top five Buzziest Brands - Airtel, Kingfisher, Reliance, Idea and Nokia, in that order. Two people came close, deducing four of the top five correctly: Jose Thomas of Thiruvananthapuram and Sanal K Nair of RK Swamy/BBDO Bangalore. Coincidentally, both got their fourth choice wrong - while Thomas selected Asian Paints as his fourth choice, Nair chose SBI; the actual No. 4 was Idea.

As per the conditions of the contest, in the case of a tie, the tie-breaker would be the date of participation. So, because Thomas had participated in the contest a few days earlier than Nair, he was chosen for the first prize, the Bose music system. Nair won the Xbox 360 gaming console.

Ranjan Singh of PVR Ltd, Mumbai, guessed three of the top five brands correctly - Airtel, Kingfisher and the fifth one, Nokia. His third and fourth choices - Mahindra and SBI - did not match the actual winners. Singh won the iPod Touch.

For the record, the poll ensured that duplicity/fraud was kept out of the voting procedure; voters were asked to key in a valid email ID and a link was sent immediately to that email ID, confirming the participation. Only once that link was clicked upon and the vote validated was the vote considered a legitimate one. An independent jury voted on the 60 short-listed entries, and both the votes from the jury and the online voters were given equal weightage.

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