Cannabrand: The first ever marijuana marketing brand

By afaqs! news bureau, Mumbai, February 23, 2017
As the legality of marijuana becomes less of a novelty in the US, the two-year old agency's mission is to 'rebrand cannabis'
Cannabrand: The first ever marijuana marketing brand

Cannabrand, founded in 2014 - when Colorado in the United States legalised marijuana not only for medical use but for recreation-is believed to be the first marketing agency dedicated to the mood-altering psychoactive drug-cannabis. In an article in The Independent, the company's founder and CEO Olivia Mannix says that clever marketing can help growers and sellers change the image of marijuana (cannabis) and attract new clients.

In the last two years, the drug has been legalised in eight states including Washington, and California. As a result, hundreds of new firms have popped up.

Mannix, who has been living in Colorado for ten years tells the publication that the thought that 'Cannabis is not just a drug, but is medicine' needs to really be communicated.

Since 2014, Cannabrand has worked with over 100 companies in the US as well as Africa and Canada, and currently has ten clients, including dispensaries, cultivators, edibles, and 'vape pen' makers. Explaining that she started Cannabrand, to 'rebrand cannabis', Mannix predicts the drug will be widely accepted in the US in five to ten years, and adds that in time brands will eventually emerge to be big players.

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