Akshit Pushkarna and Ubaid Zargar


Stories by 'Akshit Pushkarna and Ubaid Zargar'

Corporate Communications and PR

Edtech: Where did all the love go?

The tale of edtech taking the entire Indian academic world by storm, has seen a slump. Between legal issues and ad misadventures, what’s edtech’s path to redemption?

All talk, no show: why are podcasts struggling to attract advertisers?

Once touted as the next big thing in audio, podcasts have struggled to attract marketers since the medium gained pace. The consumer count is up, where is all the ad money?

Musk’s Twitter experiment continues to confound and alienate advertisers

Advertisers are now mandated to have a verified account to advertise on Twitter. afaqs! tries to ascertain how the move will impact the platform's ad business.