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Experiencing Shovon Chowdhury: a Minor Memoir

On February 26, 2021, the advertising industry has lost one of its veterans Shovon Chowdhury. Mohit Hira pens a heartfelt memoir...

Obituary: Ranjan Kapur: An Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove

Ranjan Kapur, chairman, WPP India and ex-managing director, Ogilvy India, passed away this afternoon. It was a cardiac arrest. A memoir by Mohit Hira.
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<font color="#ff0000">Guest Article: </font> Online Communities: Liabilities or assets?

If there's an idea brewing somewhere, this is the time to take some risks – almost all the successful brands we know today were born in troubled economic conditions
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<font color="#ff0000">Guest Article: </font> Let the hunt begin for the real web

Perhaps, it’s time India discovered itself, its abiding values with what I would call Web 2.i – a web that works for the individual Indian in a deeper sense