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Guest Article

Brand new trajectories and iconic moves

Positioning has now become a static status quo, as people’s expectations change faster than brands and businesses, says our guest author.
Guest Article

Embracing the new role that brands must play

The new relationship economy needs deep branding and elaborate meaning systems, says our guest author.
Guest Article

Guest Article: Ashish Mishra: How digital killed loyalty

Is loyalty, the venerated virtue, anti-evolutionary and irrelevant in the post-digital era?
Guest Article

Guest Article: Happy New Everyday: Ashish Mishra

The desire to experience more is a deeper trend - the shift is from coasting to nesting, from running to slowing down.
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Guest Article: Ashish Mishra : Friendship 2.0

People, given the dichotomy of lonely lives in a crowding world, are aching to connect back with people in the real way.