Press Release launches "Don't compromise. Live larger than life" a first brand positioning campaign

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Media Brief
Mumbai, March 30, 2015

It's a common scenario where the customer runs from pillar to pillar to select the best home for his family and when it comes to financing it due to lack of time, he tends to opt for financial products & services based on word of mouth or the ones convinced by agents or the builders. Even after realizing that there are better options available in the market, they are contented with it because of limited knowledge & time. As a brand, we understand this & therefore brings a cutting edge online platform which empowers customers with wide variety of loan options on a single platform. It helps him to take informed decision on loans from multiple banks & Financial Institutions through a simple process of

In's first brand campaign, we aim to position on lines of 'Don't compromise. Live larger than life' by creating a relevance to customers through our key propositions of being instant, empowering & accessible tool whereby customers do not need to settle for less and have a fundamental right to get the Best always.

The campaign's television commercial especially launched on NDTV Network during budget showcase; which shows today's customer who has compromised on this desires despite the big dreams he has with metaphoric representation of small sized people. The campaign takes us through the daily life of a customer showcasing his conceded approach to each aspect of his life until a confident protagonist of normal stature enters the scene which establishes that now people can be more ambitious to live their dreams with which offers 'Don't compromise. Live larger than life'

On this occasion, Mr. Manavjeet Singh, Founder & Managing Director, said, "Being the first brand campaign for, we are very much excited about it. We are also pleased that this campaign effectively portrays our key proposition to customers & our partnership with them in realizing their dreams. We hope as a brand will be able to establish a better connect with the customers on offering a convenience through a single stop solution backed by robust technology platform."

"We also wanted to establish the fact that financial services category which was always seen as complicated & time consuming; can be as simple as"
Mrs. Priyanka Bose, Head - Marketing & Corporate Communication at mentioned, "Everyone has right to live his/her dream but many of us are settled for less due to various reasons like limited time & lack of information. Our communication campaign strikes exactly on this reality & introduces our brand who could be customer's companion in journey of realizing his dreams. The TVC aims to create a contrast imagery between real world & desires and how we should change ourselves. A customer shift needs to happen through informed decision making where plays a key role."

"Life is always be what you expect it to be. So why settle for less when there is an option to strive for more & get the best. The campaign tells the customers not to settle for less & be ambitious always", said Mr. Partha Bhattacharyay, Account Director, Image Solutions.

Creative Execution
The 45 seconds slice-of-live TVC story opens with wide angle shot of a metro city skyline showing commercial buildings at evening time. Lots of young office executives coming out from office gate and walking on the street & surprisingly all these people are unnaturally short.

With bigger sized sign post compared to car & voice over "Bade ho agar sapne,to badh jaati hai khwahishein" establishes the fact of compromising nature of people. The story progresses with scene of small girl making huge bubbles, man sitting in living room with large sized newspaper, a lady trying to reach out plant's leaves for watering. Each scene emphasizing the common nature of people to compromise with the current situations & lead a happy & contented life.

Towards the end, we see a group of small sized people in a coffee shop having engrossed discussion. Suddenly a guy with normal stature enters the coffee shop grabbing everyone's attention. While waiting for his coffee, this guy observes the discussion among these people. He gets up and says "Sapano ke saath kabhi compromise matt karana". A voice over is played along with website shots "Just log on to aur paye man chahe deals on loans from multiple banks & financial institutions". The TVC ends on a shot from the same coffee shop with same group of people but in normal size & they look towards a small sized man entering the coffee shop & ends on the message "Don't compromise. Live larger than life with" positioning TVC has been launched on February 24, 2015 especially to target budget session telecast. The campaign will have an approximate 20 days runtime on NDTV network and will be present across mediums including television, radio and digital.
The radio campaign focuses on convenience & products to drive one key message as "one stop shop solution" for best deals in an interesting way of tongue twisters.
Our digital campaign has been done to do brand building & will be executed in on-going basis.

Team on TVC
Agency: Image Solutions
Partha Bhattacharyay, Account Director
Amit Dubey, Art Director
Violette Ghosh, Creative Director
Saibal Dutta, Digital Head
Leena Jadhav, Servicing
Production House: Eat Films Drink Films
Avnish Bharadwaj, Film Director

For further information, please contact:

Partha Bhattacharyay