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Media Brief
National, December 06, 2017

Culture Machine's digital channel 'Being Indian' along with news channel 'Mirror Now' released a witty satire around Padmavati's relevance in 'news' at present times. This humorous video titled 'Padmavati Controversy' is the first one of the new series 'Jaane Bhi Do Pyaaro' which plans to release a new & entertaining piece on regular basis on the digital channel.

The infamous Padmavati controversy has overshadowed every other news in the country. Most news channels have taken to reporting all controversies around the film rather than discussing topical matters of prime importance. Moreover, even the common man has his thoughts consumed with the movie. At a time when the nation has come together to tackle this 'grave' issue around Padmavati, 'Being Indian' decided to add a humorous element to it. This video showcases concerns around inflation, farmer's turmoil, national security and health. And yet the winning issue which rules out television news screens continues to revolve around Padmavati! Maybe it's time to shift focus to the real issues at hand.

Being Indian released a statement, "We are all aware of the controversy revolving around Padmavati but we aren't aware of the others problems surrounding us. This satirical video is a way of showing people how we chose to prioritize our problems and end up forgetting other concerns."
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