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Virat calls India to join him in achieving #1MILLIONPUSHUPS

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Press Release
National, April 12, 2018

World Health Day, observed on April 7th every year, aims to promote healthier life habits amongst people. This year, PUMA and Virat Kohli was seen coming together to launch the #1MILLIONPUSHUPS initiative urging India to pursue an active lifestyle. The initiative was launched on PUMA TRAC - an application offering a series of workouts that can be performed anywhere, anytime.

It is Virat Kohli's personal mission to motivate Indians to achieve better physical health. He is spearheading the #1MILLIONPUSHUPS initiative, motivating India to take the step towards a fitter lifestyle. The initiative has received an overwhelming response, with the nation having completed over half a million push-ups in just two weeks!

By performing just 10 push-ups a day, individuals are taking an effective step towards being fit and active. Download the PUMA TRAC app to be a part of the #1MILLIONPUSHUPS initiative.

Latest version of the PUMA TRAC app unveiled

This new version of PUMA TRAC comes with lots of exciting features. It offers fitness experience with 14 globally renowned athletes and trainers such as Virat Kohli (Skipper-Indian Cricket Team) Nidhi Mohan Kamal (Certified Trainer), Kelly Whittaker (Marathon Trainer), Ashley Lee (Fitness Trainer & Dancer), Daniel Fox (Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Personal Trainer) and Pamela Reif (Fitness Trainer) taking users through curated workout programs.

The highlight of the app is the extensive range of workouts, which ensure that getting fit is not a monotonous exercise. Users can choose from a rich assortment of Ballet inspired training programs, Pilates, Strength Training, Boxing, High Intensity Interval Workouts, Running, Flexibility and Mobility training. The app being suitable for all stages of training, suggests work-outs as per activity levels, personal goals, intensity and duration. The app constantly interacts with users to guide them to the most suitable session, or prompt them towards relevant local fitness-related events - customising programs to suit their goals. A smart learning engine that acts as a personal trainer, coupled with a highly interactive interface, engages users to stay hooked onto the app.


iOS and Android compatible, the app can be downloaded for no cost. The app is already seeing lacs of people downloading and joining the movement to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle. Download PUMA TRAC today to start your fitness journey!

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