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Advertising's new campaign celebrates bond between uncle and nephew through mangoes

The ad is conceptualised by the agency Media.Monks. 

Under the relentless heat of the summer sun, the comforting sweetness of mangoes offers a welcome respite. To showcase it, Amazon has unveiled a new campaign celebrating deep affection for our beloved fruit, mango.

The e-commerce platform released a campaign, This Summer#DeliverTheLove, showcasing the relationship between an uncle and his nephew. 

In the ad, the uncle is getting ready to visit his nephew. Instead of packing his clothes, he's busy packing mangoes. His wife reminds him about the mango-eating competitions that he used to have with his nephew. Due to excess luggage, the driver suggests putting the mangoes on the car roof.

During the long journey on bumpy roads, the uncle worries about the mangoes on the car roof. Upon reaching their destination at their nephew's place, they discover the mangoes are missing from the roof, leaving the uncle feeling disappointed.

In response to the missing mangoes, the nephew swiftly orders a variety of mangoes from Amazon Fresh, ranging from Kesar to Alphonso Ratnagiri

Inspired by the memory of their childhood mango-eating competitions, the nephew excitedly invites the uncle to relive the tradition once again.

The nephew fondly reminisces about a childhood memory where the uncle would strategically leave the last mango for him to win the game. 

Moved by this memory, the nephew now offers the last mango to his uncle as a symbol of gratitude and love. In response, the uncle, touched by the sentiment, expresses, "I haven't come all this way just to see you lose," and gracefully returns the gesture, passing the last mango to the nephew.

The ad is crafted by Media.Monks. This is the first time that the e-commerce platform is focussing on a specific fruit.

In April 2024, Amazon Fresh released a campaign with Manoj Bajaypee re-affirming its competence to provide customers with the best quality fruits and vegetables. To ensure this, the platform includes a ‘4-step quality check’.

In May 2023, the platform showcased an ad spot mentioning how ordering groceries from their platform is better than ordering from quick commerce apps. The service company competes with the likes of Blinkit, Swiggy Instamart and Zepto.

Amazon Fresh delivers grocery items in 2-4 hours, whereas quick commerce platforms promise to deliver under 10 minutes. 

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