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Anil Kapoor’s Mr India gets his hands on another gizmo à la Google's Pixel 8

It feels less spot and more of a teaser for what's to come.

In Mr India, Anil Kapoor possessed the power of invisibility courtesy of his father’s device. Now, in a new spot from Google India, 36 years after the 1987 flick, the memorable superhero makes a comeback and has his hands on another powerful device – the Pixel 8.

He and a friend break into a castle – it resembles a lite version of Hogwarts – and after a short search and a spyesuqe firewall breach reach the prized possession.

The voiceover offers one hints about what the Pixel 8 can do, and says the smartphone is available in four colours; there is no mention of red.

This spot is only a teaser and the bigger picture awaits.

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