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BGMI’s comeback ad tries to rouse a feeling of community

The government has temporarily lifted the ban on the battle royal game. A final call will be taken after a three-month trial period.

Using aspects that every gamer will instantly recognise, Battlegrounds Mobile India’s comeback film is trying to rouse a sense of community after the government temporarily lifted the ban on the game.

The government banned the Krafton-owned battle royal game in July 2022, citing concerns of data sharing and mining in China as principal concerns.

The 80-second digital-only ad from SoCheers Films, makes a play for community or squad – the very basis for the game’s popularity in India. It is looking to gain space in the gamer’s minds and phones.

The lifting of the ban may not be a permanent move, though. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, minister of state for electronics and information technology, tweeted in May that it is a three-month trial and approval after it “has complied with issues of server locations in data security, etc. We will keep a close watch on other issues of user harm, addiction, etc., in next three months before a final decision is taken.”

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