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'Bhai' ne bola "yeh distance wali Holi hai” in new Pepsi spot

Salman Khan urges everyone to maintain social distancing for Holi as Covid cases spike.

Pepsi, a cola major got its brand ambassador actor Salman Khan to inform everyone that “yeh distance wali Holi hai”.

It’s an important message to send from the beverage brand because a lot of people drink colas during their Holi celebrations. Unfortunately, we (India) are witnessing a sharp spike in Covid-19 positive cases and it has prompted local authorities and state governments to suspend Holi celebrations.

A PepsiCo India spokesperson said, “Holi is a time of togetherness and boundless fun and we wish everyone a very Happy Holi. However, given these are unprecedented times, Pepsi® is championing the cause of ‘Distance Waali Holi’ through its new communication.”

Please note, while the vaccination drive is ongoing, you must maintain social distancing and wear a mask at all times when outside.

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An interesting aspect of the video was Khan telling us that Pepsi is now even more refreshing. The cola giant had claimed at the start of March that independent research conducted by Nielsen establishes that Pepsi is now even “More Refreshing.”