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Bumble gets 65-year-young Poonam Sapra to dole out dating advice for youngsters

Popularly known as 'Mother With Sign' on social media, her advice leans towards simplicity but is gold.

“When someone is talking to you, give them your full attention,” says Poonam Sapra or as Bumble calls her, a “65-year-young”.

In a refreshing video, the women-first social networking app got Sapra who’s famously known as ‘Mother With Sign' to dole out some dating advice with youngsters on social media.

The video ends with her slipping an 'I Heart U' note into a shirt's pocket as she says "Keep doing those cute things that bring a smile on their face."

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A few days ago Bumble had released two ads as part of its new campaign where it showed us how young folks from Mumbai and Delhi were approaching the dating game amid the pandemic.

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