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Bumble's new ad features a 'helping paw' uniting a potential couple

The ad portrays the attraction that can come when one catches a glimpse of someone mask-less...

The eyes are the window to the soul, more so today with the Coronavirus pandemic forcing all of us to wear masks. This is the theme of Bumble's new ad - the momentary attraction that can happen between two individuals when the mask slips.

Bumble has been active on the advertising front since the pandemic began, and also when India began to unlock. With the opening up of restaurants and easing of restrictions, (Bumble) users may be open to the idea of meeting in public spaces again.

The app's recent research found that one in two (users) claim they are ready to go on a real life date. However, 64 per cent of (Bumble) users claim that their dating life has significantly changed post-pandemic, and 70 per cent of single Indians say they are not comfortable navigating dating this year (2020).

This ad, in particular, sticks to Bumble's proposition of 'Make the first move' and is roughly 35 seconds long. It is as long as another (recent) Bumble ad, which was released in November.

In the ad, when a young guy’s girlfriend calls him holding nothing but cardboard to cover her body, he’s intrigued and slightly excited. The cardboard reads, “Nobody’s ever seen me like this”.

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She then drops the cardboard and turns out there’s another one behind it, which reads, “Hope you’re alone”…. This trend of one cardboard appearing behind the other continues until she finally drops the last one…

Another international ad released in the context of the pandemic asks users not to give up on love. As per the ad’s description on YouTube, it “tells the tale of modern love stories exploring dating and relationships during the pandemic”.