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Burger King gives up on the Whopper

That’s because consumers are ordering its sibling Chicken Royale more often.

It is not every day you see or hear a fast-food giant give up on advertising its most important offering. That day is today. Burger King has decidedly given up on advertising the Whopper because consumers are ordering its sibling the Chicken Royale more often now.

Burger King UK, in a new campaign made by BBH London, takes viewers through the advertising of the Whopper over the years only for the present year to show a consumer at a Burger King restaurant to choose the Chicken Whopper instead much to the staff member’s annoyance.

It was all in preparation for the first-ever Chicken Royale Day (7 June 2023) where customers can buy it for a mere £1.

“We give up. There’s room for two in this house.​ The Chicken Royale, only at the Home of the Whopper,” reads the ad’s YouTube description. 

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