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Cadbury Bournvita’s new ad doubles down on the strength of Vitamin D

It is the malted beverage’s first ad after the FoodPharmer saga.

With ‘Tayyari Jeet Ki’, Cadbury Bournvita positioned itself as the beverage of choice for anybody – read kids – on the road to success, only sporting success going by the brand's many ads over the years.

A new Ogilvy-made 43-second ad from the Mondelez-owned malted beverage looks at the ingredients that have granted Cadbury Bournvita these powers of abetting success. 

The brand singles out one ingredient. It is Vitamin D.

Frustrated at her performance during javelin practice – a subtle nod to Neeraj Chopra's exploits – a girl questions her mother (could be her coach or both) on making her drink Cadbury Bournvita and the implied assurance that its Vitamin D will give her strength.

The mum assures the young track and field athlete of her belief in the beverage and shows the young girl her everyday improvement, and by doing that, she busts the images of quick success the athlete had imagined.

This ad is also the first ad from Cadbury Bournvita after a video from de-influencer Revant Himatsingka (Foodpharmer) claimed the brand had miscommunicated its nutritional value while highlighting its high sugar content.

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Responding to the claims, the brand emphasised the love it has enjoyed with Indian consumers for over seven decades, the many essential nutrients (including Vitamin D) it contains, and how its added sugar is less than the daily recommended intake limits for children.

Himatsingka took down the video after receiving a legal notice from "one of India's biggest law firms" and apologised to Cadbury. 

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