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DLF looks for “non-network” creative partner

Specifically, the brand team is on the prowl for boutique-like creative shops with a strong design aesthetic.

Publicly listed real estate company DLF is looking for a creative partner. Specifically, the team is keen to work with a 'non-network', independent, boutique-ish creative shop with strong design capabilities in place.

Confirming the news to afaqs!, Karan Kumar, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, DLF, says, "I find that often smaller independent agencies are created around specific skill sets, competencies and strengths. And at this moment, the specific skills we seek include high levels of creative thinking and design aesthetics..."

Clarifying that he doesn't mean to generalise, he is quick to add, "...I would not like to paint all agencies with the same broad brush. 'Network agencies' too have delivered in these areas and am sure some of them stand out better amongst their peers..." adding nevertheless, "...but what I am seeking right now is a very specific skill set and I would like to engage with setups that are sharply focused on this skillset..."

DLF logo
DLF logo

Recall that Kumar joined DLF around six months ago, prior to which he worked at fashion retail company Fabindia as brand and marketing head (for three years), and ITC before that (for over 15 years). We spoke to him at length about what the real estate category needs in terms of marketing and advertising, earlier this year.

Karan Kumar
Karan Kumar

In the days ahead, he is keen to see greater infusion between DLF's overall media and creative strategy, something he is sure a creative agency with a strong design team can help accomplish.

For the record, DLF was founded in 1946 by Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh. Presently, the company has interests in residential, commercial and retail properties in 15 states and 24 cities across India (source: company website).