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Do it your way says Nike

It’s the last ad of the sporting giant’s “You can’t stop us” campaign.

“You just gotta prove you can do it again, again, and again,” says the voice-over in Nike’s final instalment of its “You Can't Stop Us" campaign.

The one-minute ad features star athletes like Naomi Osaka, Marcus Rashford, and Kevin Durant along with regular folk; each doing their best to fulfil their ‘why’. Nike believes each one of us has a purpose, a why we needed to discover and then do our best to answer it. Once we discover it, we are unstoppable. The ad towards the end asks you to sign up on its website to gain guidance to reach your absolute best.

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The sports giant released the first ad of its “You Can’t Stop Us” campaign back in early 2020 featuring athletes like basketball star LeBron James, boxer Ramala Ali, and beach volleyball star Sara Hughes along with other folks working out from home; it was needed at that time because of the lockdowns.

Nike followed this ad with another ad in May called “Never Far Too Down”. It had basketball superstar LeBron James tell us about making it through tough times. And in August, the brand released an epic ad that combed through 4,000 clips and chose 72 to combine them into 36-split screen moments that seemed to merge into one.