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From ‘Atirikt Khurak’ to ‘Atirikt Zumba’, Jackie Shroff shakes a leg for CRED

It’s the second of CRED’s six-ad campaign for the ongoing Indian Premier League.

Jackie Shroff and dancing are two words you wouldn’t use in the same sentence. CRED imagined it, and its latest ad features ‘Bhidu’, as the Bollywood star is popularly known, doing Zumba.

It’s the second ad in the credit card bill payment rewards app’s ‘Great for Good’ campaign for the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL).

The first ad was released last Friday (April 9), and featured former cricketer Rahul Dravid. In the ad, that has become quite a hit, Dravid is seen losing his cool and picking fights.

What’s hilarious about Shroff’s ad is his secret Zumba routine playlist posted in the ad’s description box on YouTube:

‘Booty’ by Jennifer Lopez

‘Run the World’ by Beyonce

‘I Shake I Move’ by LMFAO

‘Rang Rangeeli Raat’ from his own film ‘Gardish’

While Shroff does the Zumba, it was actor Anil Kapoor whose heart felt a pang because he failed the CRED audition last year and to see bhidu appear in an ad for the same brand was too much.

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Shroff actually appeared in an earlier ad for CRED, titled ‘It Pays to be Good’. The actor donned a cowboy avatar for the 40-second-long ad, in which the app announced that it was giving away Rs 16 crore worth of rewards for paying your credit card bills on it (the app).

Another interesting bit about the ad is the caption Shroff used when he shared it on his Twitter profile - ‘Atirikt Zumba’. The word ‘Atirikt’ is a throwback to Shroff’s Polio PSA.

In the PSA’s behind the scenes clip, he is seen doling out profanities. The clip went on to achieve cult status and popularised the word ‘maushi’. Unfortunately, we can’t share it here because of the profanities in it. Thus, the GIF.