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Google's new ads focus on the search engine's shopping feature

The ads portray Google as a product aggregator across e-commerce platforms, and suggest that using the platform could help shoppers find the best deal.

Online shopping has changed the way we buy products. It adds the much needed element of convenience. While shopping for a particular item online, a person has the option of making purchases from multiple sites and sellers, who may offer products of different qualities.

Search engine giant Google has just released a series of three ads. In the first ad, a husband is seen consulting his son, while trying to purchase a saree for his mother. He gets increasingly frustrated as his son keeps pointing out that his mother already owns the stock shown on different sites. Ultimately, the wife herself has to intervene, and suggests Google shopping as a viable option to select different sarees from stores across the Internet.

The second ad shows two friends strapped for cash, attempting to buy a trimmer for themselves. They go through different sites and keep rejecting for reasons, such as the products are too expensive, not genuine, etc. This is the only ad in the series that features actors from a millennial age group.

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The third ad in this series, released earlier this week, features two old women shopping for a pair of headphones. All three films close with the tagline, 'Shopping se Pehle, Google Search pe Shopping'.

The ads come at a time when India is just about to hit the festive online shopping mode, with with e-commerce majors like Amazon and Flipkart announcing their sales. All three films invite searches on the app (and find the best deal) before actually making a purchase on a particular e-commerce website.

In 2018, Google announced that it would be launching a shopping feature. A blog post describes the new Google vertical as a personalised and immersive experience that will help a user easily filter through offers, review prices from multiple retailers and find that right product.

Google shopping page
Google shopping page

In addition to introducing a page for Google Shopping, you will also see a new Shopping tab on Google Search. The company also introduced a feature called Style Search in Google Lens, which is a visual approach to find the products. Sellers can use Merchant Center to upload their products details so that they can appear across different Google surfaces, without paying for ad campaigns.

Google's shopping tab
Google's shopping tab