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Heinz turns common dining insight into a creative

Would you munch on your fries before the ketchup arrived? Heinz wants you to wait.

In a bid to capture the shared experience of anticipation at dining establishments, Heinz has unveiled a quirky and relatable ad series titled The Wait. The four short films, each running for fifteen seconds, revolve around the common scenario of patrons eagerly awaiting the arrival of ketchup with their meals.

Conceptualised by the creative minds at the Chilean agency 1984, the campaign draws inspiration from the universal practice of holding off on digging into meals until the quintessential ketchup graces the table. 'If you're willing to wait...it has to be Heinz', reads the ad slogan.

The first vignette in the series introduces us to a man whose excitement for a plate of fries is palpable. As he eyes the table, his anticipation is solely focused on the impending arrival of the iconic Heinz Ketchup, the perfect companion for his crispy golden fries.

The second instalment takes a humorous twist as a man, seemingly engrossed in a date, appears to be somewhat oblivious to the conversation. His attention, however, is fixed on the waiter, strategically angling for eye contact to expedite the delivery of his long-awaited Heinz Ketchup. The relatability of the scenario adds a touch of charm to the narrative.

In the third ad, a woman, accompanied by a man, finds herself in a familiar predicament. While she patiently waits for her Heinz Ketchup, her male counterpart can't resist taking a sneaky swipe at her plate. The playful depiction of this moment captures the essence of shared experiences at restaurants.

Closing the series is a solo diner, patiently seated at his table, awaiting the elusive acknowledgement from the waiter. His singular focus is on securing the precious Heinz Ketchup to enhance his dining experience. The campaign ingeniously weaves together these narratives, creating a humorous yet relatable portrayal of the universal anticipation associated with Heinz Ketchup.

The campaign is set to unfold across various mediums, including film and print executions. Digital and out-of-home activations are strategically planned to capture moments where consumers naturally find themselves in a state of waiting. Office lobbies, elevator screens, and street furniture in high-traffic areas of cities like Chicago, London, Paris, and Santiago, Chile, will serve as prime locations for these advertisements.

The global reach of the campaign extends across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Chile, France, UAE, and Brazil, ensuring that Heinz enthusiasts around the world can connect with the shared anticipation depicted in 'The Wait'.

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