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Ila Arun strikes a chord with her iconic catchphrases in CRED UPI's latest ad

The iconic 'Choli Ke Peeche' popstar ingeniously rephrases her nostalgic songs in the ad spot.

CRED, an Indian fintech company, is back for its second innings this cricket season with a new campaign Gossip Girls, bringing back the legendary Choli Ke Peeche popstar, Ila Arun, and this time, she's on a quest for a bargain.

The ad unfolds as Ila Arun enters an antique shop, eager to secure a discount on her purchase. Her hopes are dashed when the shopkeeper reveals that the discount is exclusively available for CRED UPI users. However, she proposes an intriguing alternative- Ila must do a favour in exchange for the discount.

The narrative takes a twist when she is faced with a dilemma- to become the side-eyed soundtrack to high-society gossip or upgrade the way she pays. Ila wonders how she will harmonise her musical notes into the girls' gossip session, but the daunting prospect leads her to opt for the safe route, upgrading to CRED UPI.

Ila Arun plays the side-eyed soundtrack to high-society gossip
Ila Arun plays the side-eyed soundtrack to high-society gossip

The ad highlights the challenges many face when seeking discounts and the importance of choosing the right payment method, i.e. CRED UPI. Through this campaign, CRED emphasises on its revamped UPI offering, encouraging users to explore the app for an elevated payment experience.

This scenario echoes a similar theme from a previous campaign Buzz Kill where former Indian tennis player Leander Paes found himself in a similar predicament. Paes, too, was informed that the discount was reserved for CRED UPI users and that he can get it if he used his tennis skills to swat mosquitoes in a restaurant.

With this new campaign for IPL 2024, CRED continues to capture the attention of audiences with its unique storytelling and emphasis on the advantages of using its platform for payments. Bollywood singer Badshah recently took to social media to share CRED's latest ad, featuring Ila Arun. Adding his own flair, he intertwined the ad's narrative with his own song 'Paagal', adding the lyrics in the caption.

The brand got the spotlight with its Not everyone gets it campaign during IPL 2020, which saw the auditioning of Bollywood celebrities like Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Bappi Lahiri, Govinda and others.

This year, the brand promises to bring hilarious scenarios through its campaign that could have been easily avoided by using CRED UPI feature. Additionally, the latest ad coincides with the release of Crew movie that features a remix of Ila Arun's famous Choli Ke Peeche song.

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