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Karan Arjun cannot stop running in’s new ad

The company is back with another spoof of a Bollywood flick to drill the relevance of fitness.

Repeat a line one too many times and it sounds fact. “Mere Karan Arjun aayenge” is one such line from Bollywood that has stood the test of time and is often used as a beacon of hope.

This time Karan Arjun will not return. They will run because the iconic brothers and their mother find themselves inside a ad where fitness is not an option. Thus, the brothers have no option but to run. Through humour, the ad films will showcase an alternate storyline where the protagonist of the films will be escaping rebirth thanks to better fitness levels compared to the original characters.

A second ad on the lines of ‘Om Shanti Om’ is expected to hit the screens in a few days.

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Prachita Pujari, Brand Marketing Head,, said: “Our last two films released in August earlier this year were immensely well-received and validated our strategy behind mixing humour with popular culture to create an impact.”

“This is a new direction and a fresh take in marketing communications within the fitness industry and we are happy that it was met with huge audience appreciation. With these new films, we look forward to reinforcing our message once again and encouraging more people to join us in becoming more proactive about their health and well-being.”

Both the ad films are conceptualised and written by Anuya Jakatdar and Girish Narayandass.

Earlier this year, had released two ads where it spoofed popular Bollywood ads to highlight fitness as something you cannot escape from.

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